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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  December 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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says they haven't heard from their insurance mpany yet on what will be covered. but they know materials will be replaced after the first of the year. that pushes the project back a couple of months. jenna: one of the two suspects wanted for a home invasion was caught today, sioux city police say they arresesd 21-year old austin cummings took part in a robbery on south alice street monday morning. cummings has been charged with robbery, going with intent, and assault while participating in a felony and theft. cummings and another accomplice kicked down the door to the home, physically assaulted the residents of the home, even beating one of them with a crow bar. police are still on the look out for the other man who took part in the home invasion is described as a male who is between 6-3/6-4 in
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tim: the university of iowa is renaming its information hub...after students complained about its acronym. isis. iowa student information systems - or isis - is a collection of tools where students can sign up for classes or review financial aid. however, the online resource's acronym has drawn mplaints from students...ever since the terrorist group isis became prominment last year. officials say they are using the opportunity to create a new information system, with a new name. "on social media there were some students that were about googling the name isis trying to find the university of iowa isis, and they typing that name in. " tim: the university of iowa hopes to launch the system sometime next semester. jenna: republican candidate ben carson was stumping in iowa today.
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carson spoke to supporters at a morning breakfast event in burlington on friday. the latest national poll shows carson is trailing gop frontrunner donald trump by 22 points with only 13% of the republicanan support. carson also made a stop in moravia, iowa while on the trail today. tim: all of the republican candidates will likely spend much of the weekend prepping for tuesday's g-o-p debate in las vegas... but in the meantime... but that isn't keeping the bunch out of the headlines dianne gallagher is in washington with more. "(carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate) "i think donald trump knows how to play the media like a master. republican presidentiti hopeful carly y orina came out swinging against the media and donald trump. (carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate) i think he's a pied piper. i think he says things and you all rush to cover it. every single network." but donald trump's controversial statement about banning muslims from the u-s doesn't play well with the majority of t& americans, according a new nbc news/wall street journal poll- 57 percent of
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idea....with just 25 percent supporting it. even so.... polls show trump in a solid lead in iowa over his next closest republican rival, senator ted cruz... who- in audio leaked thursday- was heard questioning the frontrunner and ben carson's campaigns. (voice of ted cruz) i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down and i think the lion's share of their supports come to us trump hit back on twitter, saying "he will fall like all others. (it) will be easy!" the cruz response tweet- the establishment's only hope: trump and me in a cage match. sorry to disappoint, donald trump is terrific. (jason johnson/political science professor) we're this close to iowa right now. i think a lot of supporters will still look at cruz as the viable opposition if trump drops out, but i don't think this has caused a riff between the candidates." the friction between the candidates was enough to prompt trump to hint at a third party run... and ben carson has made a similar threat. (sean spicer/chief strategist, rnc) we're gonna have a great nominating process, everybody will stay in, we will select the best nominee for this party, and we will take back the white house. it'll all work out, i promise." dianne gallagher, reporting. dow chemical and
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the world's company. dow-dupont will be the name of the new 130-billion- the plan is to three new agriculture material sciences company....and a specialty products company. dow and dupont say the merger will save them at least three- billion-dollars over the next two years. jenna: iowa senator chuck grassley released a statement today out that very merger, saying quote: "dupont and dow are two titans of american industry and the proposed merger deman serious scrutiny. federal regulators are responsible for examining and approving the transaction make sure th it's not anticompetitive. vigorous enforcement of the antitrust laws is imperative to maintaining an openfair and competitive marketplace. grassley says he'll be listening to iowa farmers
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may haveveith this proposal, tim: the holiday y shopping season n delivering goooo news to retailers and restaurants. dertment says two-tenths of a in november. that's up from a tenth of a percentage point in october. clothing and stores saw healthy gains. restaurant sales rose as well, but just seven-tenths of a percentage point. tim: families with kids in the hospital are getting a different kind of gift this holiday season. today, the ronald mcdonald house of siouxland got a load of donations from generous siouxlanders. they've been asking for items to s sck their cupboard - things like snacks,s, bottled water, and dish soaoa all of it will be used by families who stay at the ronald mcdonald house. the donations were collected at local mcdonald's restauravts "it's a good way for the customers to get involved because most these things aren't real expensive itemand during the holidays there is a big need in the community for all organizations to receive donations
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very believe in what we're trying to do to help families with children that are in need of medical care." says mark wheeldon, mcdonald's sioux city owner/operator the purpose of the ronald mcdonald house is to provide a home-away-from- mcdonald house is to provide a home-away-from- home for families of children ages 21 and younger receiving medical care in siouxland. jenna: a couple months back, jackson pollock s mul was in sioux city, and now an emmy winning documentarian is releasing a documentary about the painting and you can see it at the sioux city art center. december 17th, folks at the art center will be previewing the documentary jackson pollock: mural the story of a modern masterpiece and organizeze say they're excited to help tell the tale ofof the paininngs journey.; again the previewing of that documentary will be december 17th at 6pm with a social hour just before the showing
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still to come... text messaging, communication most people use. but could the way hurting our relationships? find out when we return. cloudy tonight, but a messy weekend ahead... rain, sleet, forecast. details next.
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at all for december! fred: a bit cloudy on the port neal welding company sky cam hd, but it still got warm today...21 above normal, 54 with a normal of 33! 6 away from the record set back in 1946. temperatures still mild in the 40s and 50s, winds shifting counterclockwise.. expect to see a northerly flow tonight. more clouds tonight, temperatures only getting into the mid 30s, what our daytime highs should
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doesn't make it's way until late tomorrow.there are those clouds that are moving in. clouds tonight on the stormcast hd, gloomy skiki tomorrow. precipitation not moving through until late in the evening, mainly overnight. rain likely saturday night sioux city a east, west in nebraska, snow is possible. as we head into sunday, that's when we'll see the bulk of the precipitation and it gets messy because we have changeovers. rain most of the day sioux city and east of i-29. west in nebraska, you guys could see snow the entire event. sunday night, sioux city could get in on some of that snow, starting to see a mix with sleet and snow, especially late overnight. monday snow and mix
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and east, clouds remain and gradually decrease west to east. snow forecast. a dusting east as you guys will see mostly rain, an inch could accumulate in sioux city, but central nebraska could see closer to 2 inches so not a lot because
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and ground temps will still be. tonight, 32 degrees with thickening clouds, but not too co. tomorrow, gloomy skies and we start to bring that rain in late, winds up to 15 mph, but they'll get pretyy breezy sunday. 7- day has rain, sleet, snow sunday with leftovers monday morning. not much of a break with another rain, snow.. this time more snow chance on tuesday. temperatures really dip after that, struggling in the 20s. fred: tim: jenna: the mild weather was good while it lasted! thanks elisa! jenna: researchers are warning anyone who texts often, a symbol you use when sending messages, could be hurting relationships with other people. a new study shows, using a - period- in your messages could change the
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you're trying to say. reporter aaron eades shows us why. " barley "when we're having a conversation, i'm gesturing, we're making eye contact, you can see my posture. and there's a lot of research that shows that that commmunicates s lot of things to you."when he speaks, william m rley uses his hands a lot. after all, he is a professor of communication. but he says it doesn't take a degree to get your point across. 09;46;11 barley "if i say, 'hey, how's it going?', versus 'hey, how's it going', right, the tone of my voice, my posture is communicating certain things to you to help you interpret what's happening." while you're texting, you don't have that. you have only words. but that doesn't stop many of us from trying to determine the tone of the message. 09;47;15 barley "people are smart, people are kind of crafty, and so they'll look to anything they can to figure out what's going on. and so punctuation, like a period, could be an indicator of this." and believe it ot not, the period could be the problem. researchers at binghampton university concluded that ending your message with a period comes off as less friendly and less sincere. standup "so we decided to ask some avid texters what they thought about this." 13;43;16 kezon "heck
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know a lot of people who do." 13;42;41 dude 2 "mmm....not 13;42;05 dude 1 "no i don't really care." 13;43;24 kezon "i think you're trying to make a point, there's better ways than 09;50;24 barley "i punctuation than that's just my personality." but barley says, whether you do or don't dot the end of your sentences... you shouldn't read into anything too much. period. 09;49;53 barley "the authors in their writing arar cautioning their readers to nototake conclusions, like, do or don't add punctuatatns to your texex" -tag ththtexting study s conducted by was conducted by students. is currently points come jenna: the texting study was conducted by surveying more than a hundred students. currently the university is conducting similar research project looking into how exclamation pots come across in a text . a star football player from the university of iowa is giving ck. helping kids become allstars in the classroom.
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very successful seon, thanks to a lot of work by the players and coaches. but the hawkeye's star running back is rushing to the aid of students, volunteering his time to help them succeed as well. mark carlson has more with iowa running back tordan canzeri. "
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football coach kirk ferentz gave his players thursdays completely off of football, and one star hawkeye running back spent much of that time volunteering in thth community. " kay,ne more titi... i-n-a-u-d-i-b-l-l- e.... good, good.> jordan canzeri is known by many in the making big plays -- but canzeri makes big impact off the field too. in the lives of kids -- he's a regular thursday volunteer with the non-profit organization strive for success, where he helps kids catch- up with their spelling and reading. canzeri started at strive for success after a class required 40 hours of voluntntr work. but lolo ago he exceeded those hours, and he's still showing up, and he has no plans to stop.
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don't understand the academic side, they think they can just go and play football and make it they forget that in order to play football you have to get good grades. "> and canzeri's volunteer work stretches beyond after school programs. he's a regular at the u-i children's hospital. thursday morning he was there with teammates handing out yellow roses to young patients. and a great role model -- is exactly what canzeri has become. tim: still to come, it gets cold in the winter, especially for those who cant quite afford to pay energy bills, some helpful information for those who may y need assistance from the liheap program.
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energy assistance applications now being accepted the community action agency of siouxland located at 2700 leech ave. in sioux city, is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 low income home energy assistance program (liheap). theis an energy assistance program funded by the department of health and human services through the iowa department of human rights/division of community action agencies and has been established to help qualifying low-income iowa homeowners and renters pay for a portion of their primary heating costs. applications are accepted november 1, 2015 (october 1 for
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elderly/disabled member) on a first come/first served basis at the community action agency of siouxland now through apl 30, 2016, monday through friday. applicants will need to furnish some form ofof identification, copy of their most recent heating and electric bill, telephone bill. and proof of all household members' gross income for the past three months or for the past calendar year. the assistance is based on household income, household size, type of fuel and other factors. last year, the community action agency of siouxland
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households in woodbury county. eligibility for participation is established according to the following federal income guidelines: household size liheap 3-month gross income liheap annual gross income 1 $5,149 $20,598 2 $6,969 $27,878 3 $8,789 $35,158 4 $10,609 $42,438 5 $12,429 $56,998 6 $14,2424 $64,278 for households th more than six members, add $1,820/$7,280 for each additional membmb. families qualifying for liheap should call 712-274-1610 ext. 220 or 800-352- 3725 to schedule an appointment. at the appointment, applicants will then need to furnish the following: some form of identification; copy of most recent heating and electric bills proof of all household members' gross income for the
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with thickening
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cold. tomorrow, gloomy skies and we start to bring that rain in late, winds up to 15 mph, but they'll get pretyy breezy sunday. 7- day has rain, sleet, snow sunday with leftovers monday morning. nototuch of a break with another rain, snow.. this time more snow chance on tuesday. temperatures really dip after that, struggling in the 20s.
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breaking news tonight. donald trump about to speak. and the eye-opening new numbers tonight. what americans now think of his
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